We love working for our clients, but we never stop developing our craft. After everyone’s gone home for the night, we’re still asking questions and brainstorming new ideas. Our team of designers, coders, architects and writers is always keen to make beautiful things and discover answers. That’s why we gave them a special projects space to share what they’re learning.

Detroit Entrepreneur Narrative

The Detroit Entrepreneur Narrative project is a case study researching the narratives of small business innovators in Detroit. At M3D, we love a good story. We wanted to give talented entrepreneurs a platform to share the stories defining their businesses. We asked them to explain how their narratives fit into Detroit’s. We’re hoping to gain a stronger understanding of the city’s economic shift, the forces driving it and the narrative pushing them forward. This project can inform prospective entrepreneurs about the ways they should address the city’s narrative.

Detroit’s economic decline and resurgence is unusual. Though a long time in the making, these challenges again rose to prominence after the automotive industry crisis exploded onto the national stage. Since then, the city has become, in some ways, an experimental playground for entrepreneurs. We’re home to many progressive small businesses exploring the feasibility of fashion, technology and food projects within a recovering economy. Successful business incubator models are facilitating the growth of new enterprise. In our time, Detroit’s economic narrative is being shaped by its entrepreneurs.

Ojas Alkokar, Tribalfare

Melissa Halpin, M3D Experiences