Emerging Leaders

Solutions journalism asks: What’s the problem? Which solutions have worked and which haven’t? What’s next? As a member of the Metromode Emerging Leaders Board, M3D CEO Melissa Halpin is hoping to help answer some of these questions.

Word Power

Design shows, writing tells. At M3D, we know a compelling story, be it personal or brand, requires both. We also believe good writing happens when students feel free to express themselves and receive encouragement in their craft.

Design Here Now

Have you heard? Detroit is the very first UNESCO City of Design in the United States. Why? What does this mean? It took time and we were chosen for very good reasons. Model D breaks it down for us.

Art is Everywhere/Everywhere is Art

If you seek delightful street art, just look about you. Detroit’s public creations are exceptional and popping up all over the city. Even Architectural Digest is taking note.


The Taxman Also Curates

Best tax payment ever: Mexico’s “Page en Especie” (payment in kind) program allows artists to legally settle their tax obligations by creating art. A terrific idea we wish would catch on in the U.S. too.


Inclusive Design UX

In a world of constant interactions, our ability to react changes throughout the day. Using principles of inclusive design, Microsoft aims to transform, depending on time of day or activity, the user experience for all. Brilliant Co.Design profile after the jump.


Behind the Brand


Branding is more complex than you’d think. It often takes months, even years, of thought and planning. Uber’s multi-step rebranding back story is fascinating.


Creative Disruption

PepsiCo’s Brad Jakeman calls for disruptive ideas and diversity to shake up the agency world. We agree.


Detroit Design City

First U.S. city to be officially designated a “City of Design” by UNESCO? Detroit. We’re thrilled that our vibrant creative community is getting some richly deserved global notice.


Local History in Fonts

How do you preserve the visual identities of evolving Detroit neighborhoods?  Transform the hand-drawn lettering on local signs into new fonts. Typography for the win.



Have We Reached Peak Hype?

Escape the “Trough of Disillusionment” to reach the “Plateau of Productivity”. With Gartner’s Hype Cycle chart, you can follow a researched trajectory of emerging technologies, from IoT and wearables to autonomous vehicles and big data. It’s all there and it’s fascinating.


The Eyes Have It

The skin folds too. Just gorgeous facial animation. Stellar work from Mathieu Aerni and the Blur Studio team.


Typography for Empathy

Frustrated by the letters in red? You’re supposed to be.


Share Images, Scientifically

Red, purple and pink promote sharing. Focal points good; text not needed.


Street Art for Seniors

LATA 65 is democratizing street art in Portugal. This is why the next graffiti tag you see may be your grandmother’s.


Marketing Melancholy

A break from positive messaging: Stutterheim Raincoats is embracing melancholy as an essential part of its brand strategy…and it’s working.


Choose Experiences Over Things

Lasting connections and personal satisfaction come from choosing experiences over consumption.


Online Avatars Reveal All?

Your carefully constructed avatar probably still has a tell. It’s harder to hide personality than you think.


The Ultimate Digital Billboard

How do you rise above the din of Times Square? Rent this eight-story, football-field length screen for a cool $2.5 million per month. If you were guessing Google would be the first paying client…you’d be absolutely right.


Brain-to-Brain Communication

Non-invasive brain-to-brain communication — across 5000 miles no less — is now a reality. Should work well for M3D’s virtual team members who span several time zones.


Positive Psychology Increases Creativity

Building happiness in the workplace fosters resilience and boosts creativity.


More Effective LinkedIn Post Tips

4 Ways to Write LinkedIn Messages That Actually Get Read.


Step 1: Get Weird

“Get Weird!” And 4 Other Surprising Content Marketing Tips For Brands


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