Seven Into One

Deshler Group is a nascent global consortium of seven brands offering diverse services including supply chain management, logistics, manufacturing, warehousing and information technology.

Though its affiliates had long been successful in their own right, Deshler needed to unite them under a clearly defined umbrella. We worked with Deshler to develop their messaging, logo, collateral, and presence in online and traditional media.

Telling the Story

We proposed a color palette, design direction and content to help Deshler define its narrative as a group of affiliates offering comprehensive customer solutions.

  • Created a unifying logo
  • Developed messaging and story
  • Built website and social media presence
  • Produced collateral, swag, signage and video
  • Designed brochure linking Deshler brands

Unity Defined

We designed a compelling brand identity, boldly presenting a unified organization of highly experienced affiliates and the unique services they offer.

  • Generated buzz about capabilities
  • Supported affiliate projects and events
  • Illustrated effective brand partnerships
  • Developed authoritative industry voice
  • Positioned company as a global competitor