Sky’s the Limit

Seagate – the global leader in data storage solutions – met with their agency to devise a branding message that would reflect the company’s passion for ‘Creating space for the human experience.’

Then they turned to M3D to bring their brand to life. “We were looking for highly interactive, highly immersive experiences to tell our story in blockbuster new ways.”

Collaborative Brainstorming

M3D partnered with Seagate’s marketing leadership in online meetings and in person at their headquarters in Cupertino, CA.

As we dug deep into Seagate customer personas, we could see this was a big new world and the door was wide open. It was time to call the cool kids and see what we could come up with.

M3D’s concept team is comprised of free thinkers who examine every idea from unique and varied perspectives. They have expertise in museums, displays and exhibits; photography, music and gaming; AV, video and animation; advertising, interviewing and storytelling.


“In the search for new and innovative ways to market our products, we turned to the creative minds at M3D. They quickly immersed themselves in our products and solutions. Within 60 days their team returned with fresh, imaginative concepts that have the power to tell our product stories in bold new ways. The process was exhilarating – and the outcome, empowering.” —Seagate Global Marketing